About Matador

About Matador


Matador – Ready for the challenge!

The professional all-rounder.

With Matador's tyres you're ready for any journey, because they've been developed by professionals. Matador's many years experience of successful tyre development is reflected in its dynamic, modern and efficient range of products. With Matador you're ready for any driving challenge.

As part of the prestigious Continental Group, Matador has a long tradition of meeting high quality standards, thanks to our European production and technology expertise.

The Matador brand stands for the following key values:

  • Dynamic: A modern brand full of energy, very active with big ambitions.
  • Experienced: More than 110 years of experience in the tyre industry.
  • Prepared: A wide product range covering all segments and all weather conditions.

The Matador brand represents a long tradition, a diverse product portfolio, and very reliable performance.

About Matador

Matador history

  • 1905 – Matador Rubber and Balata Plant
  • 1925 – The first tyre produced under Matador brand in Bratislava
  • 1930 – A system of connecting iron and rubber was invented. Matador acquired the patent rights
  • 1933 – Matador produced the first Czechoslovak terrain-driving tyre, Goliath
  • 1934 – Matador began selling the super balloon tyre, Mamut
  • 1947 – The foundation stone of the rubber plant was laid in Púchov
  • 1950 – The "1 May" Tyre Factory was opened
  • 1955 – Start of conveyor belt manufacturing
  • 1968 – Start of STEEL truck tyre manufacturing
  • 1976 – Start of ALL STEEL truck tyre manufacturing
  • 1990 – Gumarne Barum Puchov – state joint stock company
  • 1993 – Privatisation of Gumarne Barum Puchov
  • 1993 – A new generation of winter tyres called MP55 under preparation
  • 1999 – Foundation of joint venture for truck tyres production between Continental and Matador
  • 2000 – Matador develops a new generation high-speed tyre, MP41 Aquilla, in speed category W (up to 270km/h)
  • 2004 – Matador joined the 4x4/SUV segment with new products MP71 Izzarada A/T and MP91 Nordicca
  • 2004 – Matador introduced the first A/S tyre, MP61 Adhessa
  • 2005 – Logo refreshed
  • 2007 – Continental AG acquires a majority holding in the MATADOR Rubber Division
  • 2010 – Complete control of shares by Continental AG
  • 2012 – Matador introduced new tyre line of MP 92 Sibir Snow for passenger and 4x4/SUV cars
  • 2015 – 110 years of Matador brand
  • 2015 – The HR4 series as a new generation of truck tyres was introduced
  • 2016 – Matador introduced new MP 72 Izzarda A/T 2 (all terrain 4x4/SUV tyre)
  • 2016 – The new studded tyre lines of MP 30 Sibir Ice 2 (passenger  car and 4x4/SUV) and MPS 500 Sibir Ice Van were introduced
  • 2017 – A new A/S tyre line of MPS 400 Variant All Weather 2, equipped with M+S and Three Peaks on the Mountain Symbol, is introduced
Matador. A brand of Continental.