Winter Tyres

Matador MP52 Nordicca Basic

The MP52 Nordicca Basic provides safety and comfort in all weather conditions. The MP52 features a directions tread pattern combined with latest generation 3D lamellas provides perfect grip and braking properties on ice and snow without compromising performance on both wet and dry surfaces. The continuous circumferential rib increases the stability of the tread giving excellent handling, whilst the serrated grooves in the shoulders increase the number of gripping edges, further increasing the grip on snow or ice.

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Matador MP59 Nordicca

The MP59 Nordicca is a third generation winter tyre from Matador developed for excellent performance in difficult driving situations. The MP59 features an asymmetric tread pattern which offers excellent protection against aquaplaning thanks to wide circumferential grooves and open shoulders. The latest generation 3D sipes give short braking distances on icy or snowy roads thanks to improved traction. Optimised block geometry allows the tread pattern to feed into the road surface giving a smooth and quiet drive.

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